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Wirral and Chester RDA
Ledsham and Ness
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The main role of a volunteer helper is to lead a horse or to walk by the side of the rider. In cases of severe disability this may involve two side walkers and thus on many occasions three volunteers are needed for each disabled rider.

We can always do with more volunteer helpers.

Last year we gave 3522 rides for 239 riders with 130 volunteers!

Volunteer helpers must concentrate on the rider. There is a lot of fun and laughter! It is necessary to make sure that feet are in the special stirrups and the riders are holding their reins correctly - some riders are not capable of doing the former and have to be supported in various ways.

With experience volunteers understand when certain riders do not like 'eye contact' and some prefer as little physical contact as possible. Others like - and should be encouraged to - chat as well as concentrate. They should have as much fun and relaxation as possible from their riding and therefore hopefully grow in assurance and self confidence.

Minimum age for volunteers is 14. Needed for 2 hours a week

Only registered members can apply for opportunities.

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